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Lower Campus: 1023 Osceola Ave | Upper Campus: 810 Palace Ave
St. Paul


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Young, Charlotte

Email: charlotte.young@spps.org

Phone: (651) 293-8690

Qualifications: BA Carleton College in Art and Art History MA Augsburg College in ESL

Ms. Young

Hello. I'm Ms. Young. I'm a Multi-Language Learner Teacher at the Upper Campus.

I help students who speak multiple languages use English for school. I co-teach Writing Workshop for 6th graders. I help students use academic language in their speaking and writing. We develop vocabulary needed to read and interpret texts used in classes. Sometimes we work in small groups or one on one, or in concert with the content teacher in the classroom. Throughout the year, we will work on using academic language to compare and contrast, share ideas, explain concepts, analyze texts and materials, and much more!

I also teach Social Studies in the Language Academy for newcomers to our community! We will be exploring maps, regions of the world, culture, American history, and ancient civilizations.

I can be reached via email at any time. If English is not your first language, feel free to email me in your home language. I will arrange for translation with our staff here at GAP or in the district. I am available via phone too, so feel free to call. Otherwise, we can use email to set up an appointment with a translator on the phone.