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Lower Campus: 1023 Osceola Ave | Upper Campus: 810 Palace Ave
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Wright, Betsy

Email: elisabeth.wright@spps.org

Phone: 651-293-6606

Ms. Wright

Hello! Welcome to Visual Arts at Global Arts Plus, Lower Campus!

      My name is Elisabeth “Betsy” Wright, and I teach Visual Arts at Global Arts Plus.  Students call me Ms. Wright. I am proud to say this is my fourteenth year with our school. Happy 2023-2024 School Year!

      I am excited to see and work with student artists this year.  Students are WHY I do what I do.  We will have a variety of art experiences to construct and build our understanding of the world, and will use the Minnesota Standards in the Arts to guide our work.   Create Perform Respond Connect are the areas of learning.  We will also build social and emotional skills as we learn and work. 

I believe that art is a response to the world.  It is an individual representation of thinking.  So outcomes may vary.  We will use this as our framework, and use the question "What Do You Notice?"  to help build our thinking, which is the first step in the Critical Response Protocol.  We will use this protocol to develop critical thinking skills, and to build understanding in the material.  I want my students to be able to "Own Their Learning", and build their independence in the learning process. 

My goals are to teach children to develop art-making skills, learn to think, work collaboratively as a team, make connections, and to be lifelong learners.  Being a team will be a priority in the classroom.  We can collectively go farther than we can as individuals.  It is important for us to share multiple perspectives and have equity in our learning.  Thank you for your partnership in this team approach.   

Thank you for being at Global Arts Plus!

Ms. Wright (she/her/hers)

Thank you!

You may reach Ms. Wright at:


(651)293-6606 Ext. 42828


Daily Schedule:

Hallway outside cafeteria: 9:15-9:30

Prep: 9:30-10:00

2nd:   10:00-10:50

4th:    10:55-11:45

3rd:     11:50-12:40

Lunch: 12:45-1:15

1st:     1:15-2:05

K:      2:10-3:00

End of the day:

Monday: Prep 3:00-3:20, Gathering Planning 3:20-3:50

Tuesday: JEPD 3:00-3:50

Wednesday: 3:00-3:50 Prep

Thursday: 3:00-3:50 Prep

Friday: 3:00-3:20 Prep, Gathering 3:20-3:45

Bus Duty: 3:50-4:15



Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Kenyon College

M.Ed of Visual Arts, University of Minnesota

October Smore News 2023

Hello! My name is Betsy Wright, and I teach K-4 Visual Arts. It has been wonderful to be with your students so far this year. I don’t have kids of my own, and your kids are the kids I think about in the evenings and on the weekends. I truly am grateful to teach your scholars. Thank you for sharing your child(ren) with me!

We have been busy in the art classroom since the beginning of the year. One big highlight is an installation we are creating in the art room. An art installation “can be described as large-scale , mixed media constructions, often designed for a specific place or for a temporary period of time.” (Tate Galleries, UK) This installation is based on the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who created the Obliteration Room installation, which was a white room in a museum that allowed visitors to put dot stickers on the walls, floors, furniture...everything in the space. We just used the walls and the laminate cupboards for our dots to respect our environment. The installation work was supported with a read aloud of The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, a time lapse video of Kusama’s Obliteration Room, and the creation of dot art with a variety of tools. Each student has a space in the art classroom marked by their sticker, and our space is happy and lively with the colored dots on the walls.

Have a wonderful Fall, and I hope to see you at conferences in November.

Betsy Wright

Please feel free to reach me at Elisabeth.Wright@spps.org