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Lower Campus: 1023 Osceola Ave | Upper Campus: 810 Palace Ave
St. Paul


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Mr. Richard Vanyo

I grew up in the West 7th Neighborhood. My family is large. I have eight sisters and two brothers. Many in my family attended school in this building, when it was Monroe High School, including both of my parents! I attended Saint James Elementary from 1st to 8th grade, which is a block away on Randolph and View Street. I then attended Cretin High School and attended an automotive learning center at Monroe. I have lived all but 10 years of my life in Saint Paul, and currently reside in the Battle Creek neighborhood. 

I completed my undergraduate studies at The University of Saint Catherine's in Saint Paul, MN, where I received a Bachelor's of Interpreting in American Sign Language in 2004. I completed my graduate studies at The University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN, where I received a Master of Arts in Autism and Developmental Disabilities. I also attended a few other colleges and universities in the metro area; Brown Institute of Electronics, Augsburg University, Metro State Community College, and Inver Hills Community College. I completed most of my studies while working full-time for SPPS. The staff at SPPS encouraged and supported me throughout my ten years of studies and I am forever grateful. 

Back in 1989, my sister asked if I would be interested in working at Bridge View School with children that have special needs. I was hired and only expected to work until "I found something better". I worked at Bridge View for 20 years and loved it! The students, the staff, and the atmosphere were amazing. I never felt like I was going to work. I made many life-long friends there. I then moved to Washing Technology for ten years, then on to Mississippi Creative Arts for one year. I was moved as I was needed at Global Arts Plus Upper in 2021 and found a home with another wonderful group of students and staff. 

I worked at Bridge View for fifteen years as a classroom assistant, and I am now in my 18th year of teaching. Working for Saint Paul Public Schools has been exciting. I love my job, my students and my staff.  I cannot believe how blessed I am to have had the opportunity to enrich the minds of many students over the years. Some day, I will retire, but for now, I am enjoying each and every moment.