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LeBeau, Naomi

Email: naomi.lebeau@spps.org

Phone: 651-293-8690

Qualifications: BA Doshisha College, Kyoto, Japan; Linguistics; 7-12 English Teaching License MA University of Illinois; Communications EdD Hamline University; Comparative and International Education; K-12 ESL Teaching license

Dr. Naomi LeBeau

Hello, I am Dr. Naomi LeBeau. Here is my brief profile!

Languages: English and Japanese

Global Arts Plus: I am the new language and literacy teacher at GAP Upper’s Language Academy. Last year I was an MLL language teacher for kindergarten at GAP Lower.

SPPS: I taught diverse students of all grades at SPPS over the years as an ESL teacher and substitute teacher. I am very happy to return to SPPS!

Higher Education: I taught anti-racist education and multicultural/global education in higher education in the Twin Cities area for a number of years. 

Family: I live with my husband and two cats, Momotaro and Smokey. My daughter lives in Tokyo. She was born in St. Paul, graduated from Central High School, and is a fluent speaker of English, French and Japanese.

Hobbies: I love climbing mountains and trekking. Also, I am a fan of medieval castles. I grew up in a medieval castle city in Japan, not far from the Japan Alps!

Miscellaneous fact: My first career was in journalism as a reporter and photographer for an English-language newspaper in Tokyo. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (in any language): naomi.lebeau@spps.org

Thank you, Arigato, Obrigado, Merci, Gracias, Ta-blurrk, Amesegnalehu, Cảm ơn, Asante, Mannana kawuum, Dyakuyu!

(Photo: at Hiroshima, Japan)


My Language Academy schedule 2023-2024

1st Foundation

2nd Level 1 Language and Literacy

3rd Level 2 Language and Literacy


4th Level 2 Science

5th Level 1 Language and Literacy


7th Level 2 Language and Literacy