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Allen, Kate

Email: Kate.Allen@spps.org

Phone: (651)744-2453

Qualifications: Masters in Social Work from University of Minnesota Bachelors in Psychology and Sexuality Studies from University of Iowa Licensed Graduate of Social Work, Licensed School Social Worker

Kate Allen




I'm Ms. Kate!!! I am entering my second year in SPPS at Global Arts Plus Upper and am so excited for the 23-24 school year! Prior to coming to GAPU I was a School Social Worker in Minneapolis for 10 years. Most of my experience has been in high school, but now I am passionate about helping middle schoolers be high school ready and learn the soft skills needed in their transition to high school.

I moved to SPPS to be in the same district as my kids in the community where I live. I have two young daughters who are and will attend Global Arts Plus Lower Campus. In my free time, I love to spend time with my girls and family swimming, boating, camping, and visiting museums. I also love animals, musicals, marching band, community theater, reading, funny memes/tik toks, scary movies, sci-fi shows, and historical fiction. 



I am part time at GAPU and am in the building on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I primarily work with students who do NOT already receive special education support. 

I also help with students who we suspect might need more support due to a medical or mental health condition or circumstances outside of school. I can help provide resources for mental health, basic needs, and medical support resources. I see kids individually to help manage mental health symptoms  at school and can help refer for 504 plans as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the process or eligibility for 504 or other school supports available. 

Students can see me if they are having a hard day, need help with problem solving, need a quiet space, need resources, or just need to vent. I also help with executive functioning skills and help kids get organized, advocate to their teachers, etc. Of course, I always prioritize kids who are in crisis as well. 

I run groups (social skills, friendship, healthy relationships, grief and loss, organizational) to support students at school as well, so if that is something your student is interested in, please reach out to me. I serve all of 5th-8th grade.

Please know my role in the school is to be supportive, not punitive. My goal is to develop strong relationships with students and their families and help develop management, self-advocacy, and self-care skills that will help them in the future. Feel free to email, call or text me if you need to check in about your student (prefer email or google voice as I am often not in my office!) 



GOOGLE VOICE (CALL OR TEXT): (651)252-1665 

OFFICE: (651)744-2453