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Lower Campus: 1023 Osceola Ave | Upper Campus: 810 Palace Ave
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Middle School: Grades 6-8

      Middle School: Grades 6-8 Image

Advantages of a Small Middle School
Middle school at Global Arts Plus is a small, familiar, focused learning environment. The students are in small learning communities.  This allows strong relationships to develop between teachers and students. Teachers get to know each student well, allowing teachers to tailor instruction to meet the real needs of each student. The smaller setting provides a more stable environment for students during their formative early teen years, and provides a more sheltered and supportive environment as students 'test their wings.'

Students have the same core subject area classes as offered at all other Saint Paul Public School middle schools. These classes include: Social Studies, English, Science, and Math.  In addition, and unique to Global Arts Plus, students have specialized instruction in: Visual Arts, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance and Theatre. Spanish, Creative Writing, Peacemakers, Environmental Science, Reading and Math Support classes round out the course offerings. The classes are standards-driven, arts-infused, and whenever possible, interdisciplinary, to make connections between the subjects even stronger.

Middles School Is More Than Just Classes
Middle school age students are very social people. To meet the social needs of students there is a full selection of sports for students to choose from. Other after school programs, A.C.E.S. and “After-School” provide a social outlet and academic support. During the school day students also have opportunities to experience and develop leadership by being peer buddies to students in lower grades.