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Lower Campus: 1023 Osceola Ave | Upper Campus: 810 Palace Ave
St. Paul


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1st Grade

First Grade

First Grade Image

In first grade we learn about a lot of exciting things! We explore animals, their characteristics and classifications, insects, balance and motion. We learn about families, how people in families and in our community depend on each other and ways that we all can all get along.

Our morning is focused on literacy. There is time each day for Read Alouds (when the teacher reads to the students), Shared Reading (when the teacher and students read together), Guided Reading (when students read with support from the teacher) and Independent Reading(when students read by themselves). First graders learn phonics:  how words work by learning to make words (changing red to bed by changing the beginning sound), learning word patterns (cat, hat, fat, sat),using what they know about letter sounds to sound out new words, and by learning that some words just need to be memorized (the, said, you).

During our daily writing time students use what they are learning about words to communicate their own ideas in print. Students will learn to write for a variety of reasons: stories, poems, factual information/report, and lists, to name a few.

We are using a district-created Math Curriculum which combines hands on activities, games, and creative problem solving. The math concepts are revisited throughout the year, which helps students to have a deeper understanding of the concepts they are learning.  Students also practice math thinking through games and partner work.  

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