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Drama is a vital and energetic part of Global Arts Plus!

Students in grades K-4 at the Lower Campus learn to create and perform original scenes through improvisation and pantomime. They also explore written works such as picture books, poetry, Readers’ Theatre and scripted scenes. Students learn to work together, creating, analyzing and revising classroom scenes. In addition, Drama classes connect strongly with literature and skills being taught in the regular education classroom. These experiences culminate in the annual Fourth Grade Opera, an original work written and performed by the fourth graders.

About...Dance and Drama at Lower Campus


The focus of theatre classes in grades 6-8 is about creating original plays that reflect the voices of youth, and the diversity of our community. Students will be able to learn from professional artists in the community, view and critique their own work, and reflect on a daily basis.

Some standards students work on in theatre classes include:

  • Create and Make: Create scripts, characters, and designs in a variety of theatre concepts.
  • Artistic Process-Perform and Present: Perform and present in a variety of theatre contexts. Revise performance based on feedback of others, self-reflection, and artistic intent.
  • Artistic Process-Respond and Critique: Analyze and interpret a variety of works in theatre such as performances and designs using established criteria.
  • Students in theatre will attend several field trips throughout the year, and professional actors, playwrights, and directors will also come to class and work with students.

Art Classes

Drama Teachers

Debra Elias (Lower Campus, Grades K-4)
Email: debra.elias@spps.org

Fathimath (Eliza) Rasheed (Upper Campus, Grades 5-8)
Email: fathimath.rasheed@spps.org