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School Communities

Throughout the year, various staff and committees have the responsibility for collecting data on and monitoring items in the SCIP.

The Child Study Team
Special education programs and support services are available for students who qualify in the areas of learning disabilities, hearing and vision impairment, physical therapy, occupational therapy and emotional/behavior disorders.

To access special education programs and support services, the Global Arts Plus Child Study Teams must first evaluate students. Teachers or parents can initiate a request for an evaluation. The classroom teacher first attempts several interventions designed to increase the student’s ability to be successful in the regular education setting. If no noticeable
change occurs, the teacher forwards their report to the Child Study Team.

The Child Study Team will consider each child individually and decide whether an assessment is appropriate for the child. If an assessment is appropriate, an assessment planning meeting is scheduled with the parents. Parental permission is required for the assessment to happen. Parents are essential members of the Child Study Team and are directly involved in all decisions regarding their child.

The PTA is an organization made up of parents & teachers from the Global Arts Plus community. Its mission is to work together to foster parent involvement in school events & day-to-day activities, give teachers & parents an opportunity to work together to aid students in the learning & development process, and build resources of parents & teachers to help with fund-raising & other school events. The PTA also works to educate parents & families about the programs & facilities available at Global Arts Plus.

Site Council

Building community within staff.

Collecting, using, training staff in the use of assessment data.

Overseeing and implementing policy and working toward effective student behavior and effective expectations.

Oversight of arts infusion, residencies, arts coordination.

Oversight of literacy, PLC's,  and study of literacy instruction.

Implementation of literacy instruction across all disciplines.

Intervening and adapting for student who are not succeeding or need additional help.

Oversight of gathering planning and implementation.

Family events, conferences, family volunteerism.

Use and integration of technology.